Leen Medical serves the industry’s leading hospitals and health systems in Palestine.

Time and time again, Leen Solutions brings you the people and the passion for getting the job done right.

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We’re proud to be an integral part of an industry that saves and improves lives every day.

Leen Medical is one of the largest firms for import and distribution of high quality technological solutions for the medical community in Palestine, already since 1988.

We provide top of the line medical technologies to leading MDs and clinics across Palestine, alongside an end -to-end service and support cycle, in a wide range of medical fields.

Serving the Healthcare Industry for More Than 30 Years.

Since the beginning, our focus has been serving hospitals and healthcare facilities by bringing the best people and highest standards to Medical Solutions & Healthcare Technology. Leen Medical continues to deliver in acute care and ambulatory facilities, all while providing operational and financial efficiencies, so our partners thrive.

Our Commitment

Everything we do at Leen Medical starts and ends with the patient. We promise to provide comprehensive support services to meet your organization’s needs and help your hospital or ambulatory facility build a reliable and trustworthy reputation in your community.

Our Palestinian Culture

At Leen Medical, we’re proud to be part of the palestinian struggle for equality, we create welcome experiences for anyone interacting with our company. Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of our culture, and we believe our differences make us better. We’re united in our values: integrity, collaboration, leadership, accountability, and professional development.

Finding, Retaining, and Developing Healthcare Experts

We know how to find the right people with the right skill set, retain them, and develop their potential. Our associates complete 71 hours of training per year plus specialized training depending on an associate’s specific department.

Support Service Professionals

Our People

When associates are united by a passion for serving and given the tools to grow, they deliver the best results. Whether someone is on the front line or a part of the executive team, we invest in every person so that everyone has the same possibility to add value and flourish within the Leen Medical family.

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    Chief Executive Officer, Leen Medical
    Meet Mazuz
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    Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Leen Medical
    Meet Ghaleb
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    Chief financial Officer, Leen Medical
    Meet Yousef
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    Division President – Facilities Management
    Meet Bruce
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    Vice President, Human Resources- Compass One Healthcare
    Meet Phyllis

United as Compass One Healthcare

As proud as Leen Solutions Healthcare is to serve our industry, we don’t go at it alone. United with Morrison Healthcare as Compass One Healthcare, our robust connection provides the most comprehensive services. Click on each company to learn more.

Leen Solutions Healthcare brings the people to get it done and the passion to get it done right to the nation’s leading healthcare providers. As the national leader in healthcare support services, we take the burden off of your nurses and care teams using stringent standards, protocols, and innovations in service while pursuing financial and operational efficiencies along the way.

Morrison Healthcare is the national leader in healthcare food and nutrition services. Morrison Healthcare boosts physical and emotional health for patients, hospital staff, and guests while improving patient satisfaction scores and increasing reimbursements with the nation’s top healthcare foodservice specialists through the Power of Food.

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Powered by Leen Solutions Healthcare and Morrison Healthcare, Compass One delivers bundled food, nutrition, and support services, streamlined workforce management, financial predictability, patient experience solutions, and more to over 1,850 locations with a combined 90 years of healthcare-only

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